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As a lifelong artist, Gloire Paluku also Known as Aelfaz Arts grew up in Makindye, Kampala, Uganda, born in D.R. Congo in 2001. He does not have a lot of school experience as an artists but joined few classes as he was in high school because art was all the thing he wanted and as part of his Gene. Aelfaz is always looking for the next opportunity to translate his everyday experiences, with the major of painting into artistic expressions and world since 2010.
His approach and output are constantly evolving as he hone his personal style. However, he refuse to be typecast and work hard to ensure he do not repeat himself. No matter what, Aelfaz Arts approaches each project with complete enthusiasm and total dedication.

The Image that he is living now, largely influences his creativity and art as a whole where he always been pushing hard creativity and his passion to the higher boundaries and enjoys trying different styles. He always come up with inter-discipline for his arts in his finding of new different ideas  to make his art stand out and preach.

As SECOND language, Aelfaz also is much in to fashion as an artistic director in creating street ware like customizing jeans, shoes, and our forms of dressing, because it has been part of his gene and growing up surrounded by hip hop culture and different supportive artists. His work has been part of NOCTURNE, through the  Noise makers after he migrated to Canada in October 2021.

To the present, Gloire John Paluku (Aelfaz) lives and runs up his art as a part time artist in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Career History


The skills and experience Aelfaz Arts developed include both formal and informal training. He has got respect from different artists and locations. He has also taken part in a series of street painting for the community that have all helped him reach his current level of proficiency,  and mostly important addition, My art is Inspired by the Power of women, Cultural, Social, history perspectives with in my life and category.


I am so much based on personal life experiences, home history, observations and the concerns to the presents prospectively seen into modern impacts. I enjoy trying out different fields of arts like musical, which gives me new experiences and ideas to create different arts from different fields those far from my inspirations and to engage with different people. My talent and spirits as an artist are highly gifted in being creative to open new discoveries, with the creative practices that includes drawing, painting, Fashion designing and creation, art directing and teaching.

I engage my self in pencial sketches since I was young illustrating what is in my mind and those I see around me. This serves as a training to stretch my imaginations and experience.

My targets is to strengthen my art and use it as communication and voice, where it can tell story behind it, in addition to talk for the social and the society


" art can talk where our tongues cant"

- aelfaz-

"Time tells the different"


Been doing art since child hood when i was 9 yrs old, and theoretically joined local school of art in "2019.


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