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Aelfaz Visual  Arts

<art communicates and expresses beauty through creativity>


Inspired by slave trade that happened at the coast of Zanzibar, in 1698.

Oils paint on Canvas.
16 x 20

Black man, tied with rope around his neck.

In 1698, Zanzibar in Tanzania was under the control of Sultan Oman, and it had the biggest human trade market in Africa.

Beautiful people colorful people.



The Studio is the only space where I feel free, which gives me a welcome to think and focus  on what I have to create. But beside that, I like listening to  chill music, where my creative mind calmly bring me new ideas on every single magical tone that plays in my ears. In illustration, that's the movement of  brush on a canvas or a paper. 

< creativity talks through art where tongues can't speak>

- aelfaz-

<<<<<<<<<<<<                  >>>>>>>>>>>

Acrylics paint on canvas 20x16

Basing to the fashion world, two models facing different sides(back to back), their eyes with no pupil and the Iris, dark skinned representing the black color and the ear rings painted yellowish Gold to represent beauty. Also Having the flowers on their head with the colorful background to show the colorful environment. In addition, living in a welcoming and beautiful city of Halifax, I enjoy interacting with different people when ever I come to creating ideas.

Paint Tubes


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